Exhibition of 4 creators

" Quatre créatrices d'Alsace et Franche-Comté talentueuses et passionnées, quatre univers uniques et fascinants à découvrir. "

We are 4 creators from Alsace and Franche-Comté with different spaces but with a common passion for creating.

Noble or recycled materials, each visitor will be curious to discover the universe of each one.

Trois petits points (leather). Trained by Hermès, she uses the ancient skills of leatherworking. Her diverse and colorful items are handmade, especially the stitching. Sublimating leather through meticulous work and constant improvement are her guiding principles. She favors local suppliers and recycles materials.

Blivet.atelier. Everything inspires her: nature, paintings, photos, music, encounters, places... Lightness and freedom are essential. Her articles, combining materials and techniques, paper and recycled textiles, find a new life as original and unique decorative models or fashion accessories.

La Lionne (Japanese patchwork). Passionate about Japan and its traditional cottons, Le Lionne combines various fabrics to create landscapes and atmospheres. She practices sashiko and boro, learned from a professional, and teaches them in workshops. To avoid waste, she often uses recycled denim for unique creations.

The Red Swan (antique silks). The Red Swan creates one-of-a-kind decorative pieces in exceptional antique Japanese silks, including cushions, foot covers, lamps, lampshades and wall decorations.

Additional information
  • Prices : Free
  • Type d'évènement, exposition : Exhibition
  • Lieu/Départ de la manifestation : Arsenal hall
  • Stationnement pour véhicules : Less than 200 m from a free public car park

Opening times and days are liable to change according to circumstances. Please take all the necessary precautions.

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