D'WINEci Code


The game where you become a hero! By your own, with your family, or in a group (seminary, incentive, team buiding), enjoy an amazing game that takes place in Alsace for several chapters.As in the famous film, immerse yourself in history, go in search of hidden messages and decipher codes that have been forgotten for centuries to unravel great mysteries. The setting: the history of wine; behind the scenes: a fantastic and esoteric quest! Through a series of unique adventures created and developed by Republic of Wineland, the different parts of the "Da WineCi code" come together and overlap in a coherent way to immerse the participants in a world tinged with esotericism, between reality and fiction. From a discovery rally and a scripted game, explore environments and the Alsace Wine Route in an unusual way. Divine relics and forgotten artifacts, ancient manuscripts and mystical grimoires, brought back from the East to be hidden in sacred places and preserved from the lust of men. Many have sought to unravel the mysteries which would lead them there, trying to decipher the enigmas which revealed them ... but in vain.Go in search of these buried treasures that have become Legends! Golem, witches, alchemists, Knights of the Temple, occult sciences, cursed books, infernal machines ...: mystical historical investigations. Chapter 1 - The Secrets of the Resurrection Chapter 2 - The Witches of Andlau Chapter 3 - The Mystical Press Chapter 4 - The Infernal Machine Chapter 5 - The Forgotten Treasure Chapter 6 - Homunculus Chapter 7 - The Wind of the Devil

Additional information
  • Amenities services : Toilets
  • Languages spoken : French, English
  • Group headcount :
    • Mini : 1
    • Maxi : 80
  • Prices : On quotation

Opening times and days are liable to change according to circumstances. Please take all the necessary precautions.

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