The Cleebourg arboreal trail

  • 3h
  • 16km
  • 253m
  • Intermediate

During this walk in the foothills of the Northern Vosges, come discover many orchards and vineyards punctuating the landscape!
During this stroll of about ten kilometers in the foothills of the Vosges du Nord, come to discover numerous orchards and vines punctuating the landscape, as well as the villages of Rott and Steinseltz. Substitution route through Oberhoffen-lès-Wissembourg. Half-timbered houses, flowered villages and possibly our famous storks on the program!
From the 67 bus stop, drive past the hotel-restaurant "Le Cleebourg", then go left and follow the signs "arboreal trail".
At Steinseltz, turn left at the fork intersection and turn right into the new street. Turn right on Rue du Maire Rupp (D240) then turn left into rue de Wissembourg. When the road turns to the right, climb the tarred road between the vineyards on the left.
Possibility of going to the monuments of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 (detour of 30 minutes). Turn right towards rue de Wissembourg, then left and cross the D264. Catch up and follow the D186 to the Geisberg monument.
The other buildings are before that of Geisberg, on the right. Then return in 2 and continue on the road following the signs "arboreal trail".Before Rott, get off on the path to the left of the picnic area.
When you arrive in Rott, go down Schoenert Street and go right into the church street. Climb in the street of the hall then the forest path on the left. Follow him until you reach the hotel-restaurant "Le Cleebourg". Then return to the car park.

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  • IGN Map : 3814 ET, Haguenau Lembach
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