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Experience the Fascinating Weekend on the Alsace Wine Route

From 14 to 17 October, the Alsace Wine Route hosts the second edition of the Fascinating Weekend. This major event highlights the vineyard of this iconic route through Alsace.


A celebration in the Alsatian vineyard

This festive event started in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It celebrates the terroirs and professionals with the Vignobles & Découvertes label and their contribution to the world-wide renown and excellence of France's vineyards.

From 14 to 17 October 2021, more than 100 events dot the Alsace Wine Route from north to south. A delight for all ages, whether you're looking for sport, culinary delights, or culture.

Wind through the vineyard on a self-balancing scooter, try a blind wine tasting session, immerse yourself in Alsatian tales and legends, meet the winemakers: so many unique and unusual activities to discover during the Fascinating Weekend.

A vineyard on the move

Cycle through Alsace to fully enjoy the sweet life and discover the destination at your pace. Take a peaceful ride criss-crossing the vineyards on a mountain bike or an electric bike.
Hop on a self-balancing scooter or an electric golf cart and take the time to soak in the gentle rolling landscapes of the Alsace Wine Route. Inhale, exhale, breathe!

Velo - Vignes - Domaine Rieflé Domaine Rieflé
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A vineyard that awakens the senses

After the workout comes the long-awaited moment to raise your glass and delight your taste buds.

Enjoy classic food and wine pairings like chocolate or cheese, as well as surprising blind tastings. Alsace's wines amaze with their unique array of flavours.

Alongside an expert sommelier or a winegrower, learn how to taste wine like a pro while using all your senses!
What better way to perfect your skills?

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A vineyard that awakens your curiosity

Discover the hidden treasures of the vineyard: heritage, nature, geology, and more.
The Fascinating Weekend is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best of Alsace, both for the taste buds and for the mind.

There's something for the curious of all ages.

Learn more about the fragile ecosystem and the cooperation of species for a sustainable vineyard; observe architecture or the details of a historical monument; immerse yourself in Alsatian tales and legends; or decipher the mystical symbolism of a wine cellar.

So many activities to satisfy and nourish your thirst for knowledge!

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