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Escape Game in the vineyards:
a fun cultural adventure

Do you like puzzles? Want to learn more about the history and heritage of the Alsace Wine Route? Discover the Escapes Game in the vineyards, an original treasure hunt for families and friends.

If you're a fan of puzzles, heritage and Alsace wines, you'll love the Escapes Game in the vineyards! These treasure hunts invite you to discover two different adventures in the heart of the vineyards: the Escape Game in the vineyards, an original treasure hunt through 10 villages around Haut-Koenigsbourg, from Dieffenthal to Bergheim, and the Oenolo Game, an immersive, gourmet escape game on two exceptional wine estates. Ready to take up the challenge?


The escape game in the vineyards

This escape game was created by the tourism committee of the ten towns of Haut-Koenigsbourg, in partnership with Fairy Game Experience. The game is played with a 60-page booklet that has three puzzles to solve in each town. Each riddle leads you to clues hidden in the villages. Once you’ve found the ten code words, you can access the final treasure chest.

To play, buy the €25 booklet from one of the project's partners (tourist office, wine cellar, restaurant, etc.). You can then play at your own pace. Allow around 1 hour per enigma, for a total of 10 hours' play. The riddles are not just about wine, but also about the history, culture and specific features of each commune. It's a fun and instructive game, full of surprising anecdotes.

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Escape Game: Keys to the cellar

From 27 May to 20 August, this escape game in the heart of the Xavier Schneider estate plunges you into the fascinating world of the vineyards and cellars. For 1? to 2 hours, you'll have to solve mysterious puzzles to find the treasure in the cellar. Working in teams of 4 to 8, you'll wander through the vineyards and discover the secrets of the cellar, while learning anecdotes about wine and how it's made. And to top it all off, you can enjoy a tasting session at the end of the game.

Book your session now - LES CLÉS DE LA CAVE promises to be a fun and friendly experience!

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The Oenolo Game

From 10 June to 03 September, come and enjoy a unique and fun experience with the Oenolo Game, an escape game in the heart of the vineyards!
Working in teams of 2 to 8, you'll have to help Professor Séraphin Pépin, a renowned oenologist, to save the Alsace vines from an invading fungus. To do this, you'll have to solve riddles and find clues at two exceptional wine estates: Domaine Jean Becker, which has been involved in organic winegrowing for 20 years, and Domaines Schlumberger, which has 70 hectares classified as Grand Crus.
The Oenolo Game will help you discover the secrets of Alsace's terroir, from its grape varieties to its aromas, all while having fun.

Don't wait any longer to book your place on this immersive, gourmet adventure along the Alsace wine route!