© F. Fessler - ADT
© F. Fessler - ADT
Place to visit

The Alsace wine museum in Colmar

Dive into the enchanting world of the Alsace Wine Route on a visit to the Wine Museum. A unique sensory experience to discover the history of the rich vineyards of Alsace.

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Diverse and abundant heritage

Whether you're a wine lover or simply curious to learn more about the history and wine culture of Alsace, the Wine Museum in Colmar is for you! In the heart of the old town, the museum invites visitors on an immersion into the world of the wines of Alsace, for an exciting adventure through time.

Musée des vins d'Alsace à ColmarMusée des vins d'Alsace

A theatrical journey

The museum takes visitors on a theatrical and interactive itinerary to meet the Alsatian artisans who work with wine: winegrowers, coopers, sommeliers, and chefs. 

Taste (in moderation) the different wines of Alsace, or opt for grape juice, and learn to recognise the hidden aromas to introduce your senses to the science of wine tasting.

Musée des vins d'Alsace à Colmar© F. Fessler - ADT

A fun itinerary

The Alsace Wine Museum is also a perfect place to learn and have fun as a family. There's a museum itinerary just for children, who can learn all about the Alsace wine-growing region while having fun. They can take a scooter ride through the vineyards or play games and quizzes.