Musée - Exposition temporaire "Romains des villes, romains des champs"

" Find out more about Roman life in Alsace in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. "

This summer, the Musée Municipal de Mutzig is hosting a temporary exhibition created by Archéologie Alsace. Come and discover how the Romans lived in Alsace, in town and country, in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. The exhibition shares the results of recent archaeological research into urban and rural living conditions in Roman times. Did urban Romans and rural Romans exist? By examining rural and urban situations through their organization, architecture and traces, the exhibition reveals as many similarities as dissimilarities. Intended for novices and specialists alike, the exhibition is enhanced by maps, images of excavations, illustrations and reconstructed objects, making it easier to understand the subject matter and the remains presented.

Additional information
  • Duration of the visit : 1h15
  • Prices : included in museum admission, €3
  • Type d'évènement, exposition : Exhibition
  • Lieu/Départ de la manifestation : Musée au Château des Rohan - Mutzig
  • Stationnement pour véhicules : Less than 200 m from a free public car park

Opening times and days are liable to change according to circumstances. Please take all the necessary precautions.

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